Overview – Applications

Sensors detect physical parameters and convert to analog signals which represent the physical property. Inherent delays in signal detection and processing result in less effective control or intervention.

Signal Advance (SA) Technology acts to temporally advance analog signal detection, offsetting detection and processing delays and, thus, improving overall system response time. Ideal applications are those in which a faster response time will significantly improve performance – typically in responsive, closed-loop control or interventional type systems.

SA Technology can be applied to temporally advance both narrow and broad-band signals to reduce, or possibly, eliminate, detection and processing delays. Differential application of SA Technology could potentially be applied to separate overlapping signal components in time, facilitating masked signal component separation/detection. SA Technology can be applied in as an adjunct to existing control strategies to further enhance performance.

The technology can be applied to hundreds of sensors in a number of general sensor categories, such as:

  • Acoustic/Sound/Vibration
  • Distance/Displacement
  • Flow
  • Navigation
  • Speed/Acceleration
  • Radiation/Subatomic Particles
  • Angle/Rotation
  • Electrical/Electro-Magnetic
  • Level/Density
  • Position/Pressure/Force
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Thermal/Temperature/Heat
  • Chemical
  • Environment/Weather
  • Magnetic/Radio
  • Optical/Light/Imaging
  • Proximity/Presence


SA Technology has potential applications in a broad range of signal detection and processing systems in both industrial and medical applications/markets. Examples include:

Medical applications

There are a number of medical application in which a small time advance in the detection of a signal may have a significant impact on performance, treatment efficacy or interventional outcome.

Industrial applications

Signal Advance, Inc. has identified whole classes of physical analog signal sensors that operate within an optimal frequency range for signal detection temporal advancement, along with a host of probable licensing targets. There are potentially hundreds of potential applications of Signal Advance Technology involving a broad range of sensors which detect physical parameters.

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