The Science of Signal Advance, Inc.

A physical phenomenon referred to as Negative Group Delay (NGD), demonstrated in simple electronic circuits, has been shown to temporally advance the detection of analog waveforms. Specifically, the output is advanced in time relative to the input, as the time delay through the circuit is negative.

Investing in Signal Advance, Inc.

Information for investors, including SEC filings and executive summary.

Partnering with Signal Advance, Inc.

Signal Advance, Inc is actively seeking strategic partners to pursue implementation of our proprietary technology in the broad range of application areas. We provide our partners a competitive market advantage.

A metaphor

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The applications of our technology in the medical field are numerous. Check this section to learn more.

Media / News

Signal Advance has been extensively mentioned in the media. Check our media / news section.


There are several non-medical markets for our technology including Energy, Transportation, Process Control/Manufacturing, Communications and Defense.


“The State Bar of Texas Intellectual Property Section Recognizes Dr. Chris M. Hymel, Signal Advance, Inc., as the 2015 Inventor of Year.” State Bar of Texas

“It is my belief that Signal Advance® technology will likely be seen as a disruptive technology that forces rapid change in the field of biomedical instrumentation with early adopters of this technology gaining a significant commercial advantage over later adopters in the same field.”

Harold L Russell, PhD

NeuroMedics Technology, Inc.

“Including the projected, risk-adjusted licensing royalties, we project A NET PRESENT VALUE OF UP TO ~$10.4 MILLION. This valuation will increase rapidly as the technology is proven and then successfully applied to products in this very large market.”
(Valuation was based on only two medical applications)

Stephen Weeks, PhD

First Principals, Inc.

“The technology of Signal Advance may well be the key to such effective seizure suppression.” H. Martin Blacker, MD


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